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Surf trips in Indonesia (Lombok and Bali) - Beginners level

Dernière mise à jour : 18 juil. 2022

Dreaming of a surf trip in Bali? And wondering which one will be the best to suits your needs? Let’s us take you though the how to choose a surf trip in Indonesia (Bali and Lombok).

First, you we invite you to consider Lombok on top of Bali as there are many great surf camps that you don’t want to miss. Second, as mentioned in the tittle this article will mainly focus on surf trips for beginners, meaning we target accommodations offering surf classes or nearby surf spots for beginners.

Now let’s start!

There are different types of surf trips providing different packages:

Types of surf trips:

- Surf classes, accommodation and food

- Surf classes, accommodation

- Surf classes only

- Accommodation on a surf spot only

- Surf and Yoga trips

- Surf and meditation retreat

- Surf and Dive trips

In terms of budget here‘s what you could get for a full week, price for two:

- 500USD-1000USD: accommodation with food

- 1000USD-1500USD: inclusive of surf classes and other activities (such as yoga)

Now that you have a clearer view on the budget and the surf trips types, let’s jump to The travel bucket recommendations.

Selection is done, you just have to book and prepare for your next holidays.

Wondering what should you bring to a surf trip? Here’s the essential gear list to put in your backpack or travel bag:

  • Sunscreen

  • Moskito repellent

  • Long sleeve Swimsuit or UV protection top

  • Sandals

Time to enjoy your holidays!

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