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Kite surf in Vietnam - Mui Né

Dernière mise à jour : 18 déc. 2022

Thinking about going for a Kite surfing trip in Asia? Vietnam might be the right place for you.

Your trip will start in Ho Chi Minh, main airport, 4 hours away from Mui Né. This coastal fishing town regroups loads of restaurants, bars, shops and... kitesurfing spots.

138 euros AR Singapore - Ho Chi Minh (2h20)

The three beaches are:

  • Ganh Beach

  • Suoi Nuoc Beach

  • Rang Beach

When to go?

  • Summer season: May to October (10-14 knots)

  • Winter season: November to March (20-25 knots)

Mui Ne is a beginner-friendly kite spot.

Kite spots:

  • Mui Ne (beginner-friendly)

  • Harbour Wall (small local spot)

  • The cemetery (expert)

  • Malibu (expert)

  • Suioc Nuoc (expert)

  • The turtle Island

  • 4 hours drive: Phan Rang

Looking for something more than kitesurfing? Mui Né has a lot more to offer:

  • Red and white sand dunes

  • Hikes near the beach or in the nearby mountains

  • Temples

  • Markets (handicrafts and tailor made outfit at affordable prices, pearls

  • Seafood and iguana

The Asia Travel Bucket selected affordable and authentic accommodations for couples: