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Accommodation for couples in Bali

Dernière mise à jour : 30 nov. 2022

Discover new places in Bali with the travel bucket. This guide aim to provide you guidance in choosing the best authentic and affordable accommodation for couples in Bali.

The most common accommodation types for couples in Bali are resorts and big hotel chains (Marriott, Hilton, Grand Hyatt, etc.) and luxury and spa hotels (Anantara Uluwatu, Samanvaya Luxury Resort & Spa, One Eleven Villa Resort etc.) for premium all-inclusive experiences. Still, many couples are looking for more authentic and affordable options, such as eco lodges and boutique hotels.

Best accommodation types for couples in Bali:

  1. Hotels and spa for premium for all-inclusive experiences

  2. Eco lodges and boutique hotels for more authentic and affordable experiences

That being said, some cities in Bali are more or less suitable to couples looking for authentic places. Indeed, Bali is the home of many adventures: heavy night-life in Kuta, temples and rice field in Ubud, surfing in Uluwatu and Canggu, chill on the beach in Nusa Dua, shopping in Seminyak, climbing Mount Agung near Amed: you need to choose your itinerary.

Best places to visit in Bali for couples:

  1. Amed

  2. Ubud

  3. Seminyak

  4. Canggu

  5. Nusa Dua

  6. Uluwatu have selected top accommodations for couples looking for authentic and affordable experiences in Bali: check out the best Bali accommodations to find a selection of authentic and accessible accommodations for couples in Bali.