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EXTRAORDINARY stays for your next HOLIDAYS

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Selected for you.

Best authentic and affordable accommodations (hotels, lodges, villas and more) close to sports and wellness activities, in Asia.

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Selected for couples looking for adventurous holidays in Asia.

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There's more than 100,000 accommodations and hotels in Asia. How do we choose the best stays for you?

authentic holidays in asia


Our stays have a unique character and offer a distinct personality with personalized service to discover local cultures.

sustainable accomodations in asia


Our stays are eco-friendly, meaning that they are designed and run to have a positive impact on the environment as well as the local community.

affordable accomodations in asia


As holidays can be expensive, we are cautious about your budget. Our stays night price varies from 30USD to 150USD.

diving in asia


Our stays offer a deeper connection with the destination. They are close to an adventure whether it is a hiking trail, a surf, diving spot & more.

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